Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where Do You Sit?

I'm looking around around the room right now.
But when the lights go down…so does my consciousness.

So tell me…

…where do you sit?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2009

I'll be honest.  I'm finding it hard to add more to what I wrote last year.

It's almost ridiculous that I try to describe on this blog how he lived his short life or how big his dreams and visions were for people everywhere, whether they believed in God or not.

So without further ado or delay, here is the defining moment of this great man in it's entirety:

Amen, Dr. King.  May your dreams live on in us.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AOW Retreat 2009

I just bounced back from my second retreat of the new year…and it's only the second weekend of the year.

Just nuts.

Some highlights:

  • The whole sleeping-bag thing with 7 other guys in our director's office was full of jokes and interesting to say the least.  Ask me if you want details.
  • Playing dodgeball in a random park in Monrovia.

  • Doing monologue scenes with only 10 minutes prep time, and nearly pulled off my first crying scene.

  • Renting out a yoga studio to try some body worship and dancing moves.  You might see some of that in future skits.

  • Having spontaneous worship in a South Pasadena park…and performing our first gig at a coffeehouse across the street.

  • Going on the mother of all donut runs to "Donut Man" in Glendora.  Everyone felt like a donut after eating one.

Posing Improv Scarf Boys
Breakfast Crew Hungry Men Breakfast Crew
Dodgeball Every man for himself (or her)
Retreat Picture!
Left Side Monologues
Monologues Right Side
Animals Machine Dance Animals
Walking around Park Preparation
Coffee House Band
IMG_4069 Retreat Committee Jordan likes jelly Happiness
Everyone at Donut Man

What are some fun things you did at your last retreat?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking Ahead To 2009

A Grateful People
By Watermark
A Grateful People (Bless the Lord)
see related

The amazing adventures never seem to end …

2008 in Review

If 2007 was having more of what I love in my life, then 2008 was learning to take it all in and appreciate those blessings.  Once again, thank you all (whether you are in the pictures or not) for being my blessings and making 2008 the fastest and treasured year to remember in a while. =)

Bring it on, 2009.