Wednesday, July 26, 2006

For the Singles...

After checking through friends' blogs, I found some good reads for the single Christian ladies and gentlemen.

Bottom line for the guys: "The women in [your] life aren't looking for perfection. They are watching for consistent kindness, unflinching respect and honest [you] cultivate these characteristics, women will notice. And [you] may realize they're not looking for J. Crew Jesus after all — they're looking for Jesus in [you]."

Bottom line for the girls: "
The good guys are out there, and they're looking for you, hoping that when they find you they've found someone who is pursuing an authentic, adventuresome faith, who supports more than she criticizes, and whose priorities are rightly balanced. Concentrate on that picture, and guys — the kind you want — will find it hard to look away."

Bottom line for everybody: It is not as important to find the right person as it is to be the right person. Most of all, be joyful and delight in the Lord!

Keep in the faith, my fellow saints.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Commissioned

What are some of the good things that happen in small groups? Describe your best small group experience.

We were asked this in Sunday School today, and I could only think of one.

In my final semester during the spring of 2005 at Cal, God has blessed me with a small group that was committed to loving others and each other. Our Junior Class Group was split into three separate, smaller groups, and I was placed among Wayne Hu, Mike Downey, Wendy Lu, Sharon Lee, and Elaine Lo. I was excited yet a bit apprehensive since we barely knew one another and one was to think about where God was going to take six strangers to do His accomplish His will.

God blew us all away with His blessings. Slowly but steadily, we opened up and found fellowship with one another. Through each of us, God taught a different dimension of His unfailing love for us. In doing so, we wanted bless others with that love, which is why we called ourselves The Commissioned - we went out and let God use us our gifts to bless others. And through it all, we ended up loving this family we were in. Even to this day, we actually stuck to what we called ourselves and did what God wanted us to do. Wayne is on IV staff @ Berkeley. Wendy is still teaching Sunday School at her church. Mike, Sharon, and Elaine each led a Senior small group, and are now taking part in witnessing to fellow engineers, continuing fellowship, and joining the Peace Corps, respectively. For myself, I am serving in Koinonia Young Adult Fellowship and other ministries @ my home church of CEFC with a passion I would never have imagined.

It's only been a little over a year and I still miss them. Thank you Jesus for Mike, Wayne, Sharon, Wendy, and Elaine. This experience was one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Athenaeum Wedding

Aunt Janice and Uncle Wayne finally tied the knot (~10 years!) with a wedding reception this past Saturday at none other than my uncle's alma mater - Caltech (ooooh...)

The food and atmosphere alike were delicious and welcoming to us. It felt kind of cool walking down the sane corridors as previous geniuses like Einstein did, and the architecture definitely gave off the "history of intelligence" vibe to it.

It was enjoyable to be able to see most of the Lew clan together, and I joked to a few that all I need to do is to get married to set a gathering (the other alternative would be a funeral, but let's try to be positive, shall we? =) ). The best part of the reception was seeing the older folk hit the dance floor and rockin' to the 80s and 90s beats. Yes, years have past, but some still got it in them!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Buried Treasure

Currently Watching
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (Widescreen Edition)
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After my aunt's wedding on this past Saturday (more on that another day), I got a chance to hang with Diana, Stacy, and another Berkeley mate named Bo. The plan was the watch the highly anticipated sequel, but it was PACKED!!! Everywhere we go, tickets were selling like hot cakes and showtimes were sold out like none other. But perseverence pulled through and we were in.

I walked in the theater with low expectations (Hollywood doesn't exactly have a good track record for sequels, especially trilogies) and came out entertained and satisfied. Director Gore Verbinski sacrificed coherent storytelling and original humor for even more swordfights, explosives, and other thrills. The versatile Johnny Depp manages to keep most of his pirate charm watchable while the rest of the cast somewhat followed suit, but I could tell it wasn't aligned like the first film. There was a good cliffhanger to leave the audience hanging until next year. Will I see it? Count on it....

Bottom line: A bit robbed of the good times from Black Pearl, but Dead Man's Chest does have its buried treasure.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Youth Camp 2006

I guess I should update regarding this before it becomes it gets too late. Like Jay, that July 4th weekend was one of the blessed weekends ever.
  1. God moved one in my small group to accept Christ. After our speaker Kyle gave the his sermon and made an alter call Monday night, I saw over half the youth rise together and come to the front of the room to be prayed for, all holding each other, some even crying. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my life. Caleb, Leo, and Adam rededicated their lives to Christ and Derek accepted Him for the first time. HALLELUJAH, BABY!!!

  2. After doubling as both a counselor and a staff this year, I think I like being a counselor more. You are able to attend to the youth's needs, help them through your own experience, and pray for them. With society becoming even more driven for success and thus adding pressure to the teens, I think it is even more important now that they realize we are there for them and even if we are not, God will never forsake them.

  3. I had an unexpectedly good workout from the weekend. When it came to card games, we would bet pushups and the youth really knew their stuff; not just in Big 2, but Hold'em as well. Who teaches them this stuff so early???

  4. I never thought I could actually double as a nurse and a plummer. Ask me later what I mean. ;-)

All in all, a successful retreat was had by all. I love these guys.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Fresh Start

Actually, this is more of a continuation of my former blog, with more of my thoughts, ramblings and other things going in and around the life God has given me. Still testing and modifying this blog as I am using it, so please bear with the changes.

Our family threw the traditional July 4th BBQ for the relatives, but I was quite tired from Youth Camp (I got back from the 5-day retreat this evening) and stressed for my summer school final tomorrow. Beforehand, I asked fellow counselors and friends to pray for me in this tight situation as camp was coming to a close, but I was admittedly nervous in how He would answer. I wearily studied with conversations, cooking, and fireworks in the background, pondering on the double hit I took with missing the night's festivities and failing the upcoming exam. Just as I was passing out from studying Fourier Transforms, my professor e-mailed me that tomorrow night's exam time could not work for him and Friday morning (my day off) would have to suffice. I jumped up in relief and happiness, and joined the others outside to catch a glimpse of the rest of the fireworks display.

Never doubt the power of God. He always answers prayers. =)