Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Power of Encouragement

Last Thursday, something nice came in the mail from up north...

Care Package

Every now and then, don't you just love it when someone(s) encourages you? It really gives you the power and passion to keep running the race. It can be a word from a friend or stranger, but it touches your heart and lets you know you are loved and to continue fighting the good fight! The word literally means to "en-courage" to "give courage". Cool, huh?

After enduring through a long week and having an even busier Easter weekend ahead, it was so life-giving to hear friends say words like, "I love you", "I miss you", "it's always so encouraging to be around you", and "hopefully you'll be up here soon =P". After seeing all these wonderful treats spill out of the care package and letting their words sink in, I felt a warmth and a confidence to press on despite my fears and doubts, knowing friends are behind me.

Card Goodies

So let's remember that we each have the power to encourage one another. To strive be the person that can give the kind words someone needs to hear! And if you're having a tough day, know that you really do matter in this world and I am praying for you. Please pray for me too as I am challenged to glorify God at my workplace and my church ministries. We can do it! =)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

Christ is risen....

...He is risen indeed. =)

Worship Team
"Am I Happy?" Skit

Praise God for such a special Easter that was marked with jubilant music, a complementing skit and a unique message that shined new light to this resurrection day. I don't think words can explain well - it's just God's touch for that morning.

Several offered their thanks and compliments, but I'm just happy that the skit tied so well with the sermon and the message clicked with everyone. Mostly, I'm thankful to God for this serving opportunity and pray for our ministry to do an even better job on the next occasion.
Venus Caleb, Matt

"Happiness is fleeting, but JC is 4ever." ~ C.C.

**Used in Creative Chaos**

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fundraising Idea

I told the following story time after time to several people, and it never ceases to bring laughs. About a couple weeks ago, I figured that deciding whether or not to post this for two years was long enough. I still think it's funnier when told in person, but it's nice to have a joke written somewhere for reference-sake.

So here it is:

It was after a Youth Camp Planning Committee meeting a couple years ago. Our usual group of guys (who were serving as committee heads) were standing in the church hallway, going over the meeting. Stuff like T-shirt designs, publicity, and fundraising were some of the items discussed.

Then Charles, in his good humor, suggested, "we should have a poker tournament as a fundraiser."

The rest of us chuckled, all thinking of this ingenious idea. (Keep in mind, we started our poker small group about six months ago and just finished another night of Hold'em the previous evening.)

Aldous and I went along with it. "We'll need to use some of the camp money so we can play and hopefully get more."

More chuckles. Then came a thought:

"But what happens if we each go all in and lose?"

Silence. Good question.

Two seconds later, Shawn replies, "Youth Camp canceled."

ROFL. Hilarious.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

And a Happy 20th to my little sister. =)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Airsoft Outing

There's nothing like a little male bonding over a few gunfights on a Saturday morning.

Yesterday, I went with 25 other guys to South El Monte for some airsoft action. It's similar to paintball except you're using plastic BBs (though much smaller) that can fly about 350 feet per second. After getting our equipment, we split the teams and went at each other for about 4 hours.

Somehow, there is something thrilling in playing such a physical game. Whether it be protecting a team member ("VIP") to reach the other side or being cornered with a few comrades (or by yourself) as the opposing team closes in. It's like living out your favorite action-thriller as the hero (or villain, whatever you see yourself most). And I loved every minute of it.

Cheng & Zhi CTU

Albert shooting Aldous

Can't wait until May 31st for our next outing (pistols only). Any takers? =P