Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Taste of Summer To Come

Graduations are in the air, meaning that summer is slowly making it's way for each of us.

Much is going down this summertime and I am REALLY looking forward to what God has laid out for me to do. A little preview for things to come:

  • CEFC Youth Camp (June 29-July 2) - my third outing as a counselor and I'm no less than excited in the opportunity to care, support, pray, and have a great time with my church's youth group.

  • Professional Engineering (PE) Exam Preparation (July-October) - time to study, study, study for my 2-day, 14-hour civil engineering license exam in late October. Review classes and homework will resume in my life. It ain't over yet!

  • China Short Term Missions Trip (July 22-August 4) - God responded to my prayers, presenting me an opportunity to serve this summer and asking if I would say yes. And how else can I respond to the Big Man upstairs? =)

But first, a little trip up north for the weekend to kickoff the months ahead...

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Jess Man said...

Regarding your NorCal friends:

It was good for a season and thank God. But now you're moving on, as they all are!

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