Tuesday, August 28, 2007

IV c/o 2006 Reunion @ Bodega Bay

With one of the craziest yet blessed summers coming to a close, a retreat to get away is a not a bad idea. I was so happy to have such an opportunity this past weekend with IV Class of 2006 from Berkeley.

We rented out a beautiful house called Ocean Song in Bodega Bay (1.5 hours north of San Francisco) right next to the ocean for the weekend. A full house of 10 guys and 5 gals looking forward to seeing each other again. It was nothing less than an AWESOME reunion for us , who were once used to spending so much time living and growing together in our college fellowship days.

Highlights of the fun weekend:
  • Driving up north on Friday morning in almost no traffic with Jason and Esther. We made really good conversation that I barely felt the 5 hours on the road. Yeah, we were pretty fast!

  • Rocking the karaoke machine with the rest of the guys the minute we made it to Ocean Song. Without any shame whatsoever, we "sang" to songs ranging from Britney Spears, Sonny Bono, Afro Man, and many more. I don't think I laughed so hard in a long time.

  • Hitting the beach with everyone. Between playing mean games of tackle football and finding things to do with seaweed, it was really pleasant just to walk on the sands with friends, catching up and laughing over jokes like it was in college.

  • Enjoying the delicious meals we made together. Cheeseburgers, crepes, yummy desserts, and even a pie night (chicken pot and lemon meringue) - all from scratch. I'm so grateful for our talented chefs in our fellowship!

  • Playing "Apples to Apples" and chilling in the hot tub. There was also good time for us to share about our past year - what we have done, what blessings were in our lives, what we are struggling with these days, and how we can pray for one another.

Thank you God for my community up there. =) Already looking forward to our next reunion.

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latterly said...

looks like tons of fun & good food ! hahaha glad you had tons of funnn. (:

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