Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pomp & Circumstance(s)

I haven't been to a high school graduation for almost 2 years (the last one being my little sister's). I actually don't miss it that much, because it usually drags for a long time and all you really want is to meet them after the ceremony for pictures and the after-party (if there happens to be one).

On the other hand, when you see that smile on your graduate's face....somehow, it's all worth it to be there for them.

Sharing a smile w/ Rebecca @ AHS graduation. 

The Graduate (sepia)
Holding up Grace with Rebecca & Joyce for PHS graduation. 

Prom posing
Doing a prom pose w/ the guys for Shawn's UCR grad party (he's behind me)

My congratulations to the Class of 2008. =)

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