Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rose Bowl Half Marathon 2008

Running AlongA nod of thanks to those who have been following and/or cheering me onwards in my training.  It feels more worthwhile when I find we're in this together.

I've come to learn that every race, even if it's the same course, has a story of it's own to tell.  The longer the distance, the more there is to share.  This one is no different and none more unique than other ones I've raced.

So about a week before race day, I developed some sore muscles in my left leg above my ankle.  I had to cut my last couple workouts to give it the rest it needed.  I ran my last few easy runs with little pain, but I wasn't sure how it would hold during showtime.

On that Saturday morning, it didn't really matter.  The minute the gun went off, I found myself surging forward with the crowd.  Some were well stretched, some needed more emptying-time in the bathroom, some were just determined to finish no matter how they felt.

It's always the first couple miles where you're letting out the creaks and tightness in your lower body before you find your rhythm.  That was a good thing because it was the three-mile stretch of Orange Grove Blvd that felt like a treadmill missing an off-switch.  Just road, road, and more road.  When we looped around to the Rose Bowl, I was relieved because the first half of the race was done in good time (~ 46:58).

Finish LineThe trails, hills, and gravity took its toll as we ran higher ground.  My left leg started acting up again.  I felt like I 'm going to pull something on my other leg and then it'll be all over.  But the green change of scenery and knowing that really, most of the race is done, pushed me forwards through the nagging pain.

The support came in good time.  Pasadena Pacers were manning the 10th mile fluid station, and I was greeted by several racers from last year's race!  Their smiles, cheers to press on, and applause became mine to take with me to the end.  And of course, there was AOW on the 12th mile to give that extra boost to the finish line.

Final time:


Going back to the 12th mile station w/ AOW.

On a separate note, it was good to be home for the holidays with the rest of the AOW family:

Home for the Holidays

There's been thoughts in my head about running more races in the future.  Anyone interested?

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