Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Still Here. Are You?

Man, the weather heats up one moment and cools down the next.

And so has this blog.

I was always bummed when a blogger would suddenly disappear.
And here I am, hypocritically abandoning my post (pun entirely intended).

My justification (i.e. excuse)?
Being too busy. Excuse me. I mean, lazy.
I was close, right?

But seriously. The past four months have been wild. Recap?

Chris Tomlin / Israel Houghton concert with youth worship team. Plain awesome. Connecting with people at my workplace. Singing my heart out. Confidence growing. Worship leading is an honor. Learning and loving it more and more. Counseling and teaching youth group. Time is flying. Feels like my kids. Watching friends get engaged/married/have kids. Celebrations. Meeting old friends. Fixing my eyes on God. Played Simon Peter for Good Friday service. Cried onstage. Someone broke my car window and took my work bag. God is good all the time. Computer crashes. Fixing and/or laptop? Mac? Led in worship by Starfield and meeting them afterward.  Fun. Retook second half of engineering exam. We'll see. Need for raw community. Where will I be in ministry next year? Wherever You lead me.

Truly, I have been stretched, challenged, excited, and confused by and about so many things.It's awesome to be living in the life of my Savior.

The one thing I'm taking away after four months?

Without God at the center of everything I do, things lose meaning.
That it's so easy to get caught up with yourself and the world we live in.
I guess I'm just realizing that dying daily to oneself helps to start over.
To refocus my eyes on Christ, who died for me.

At any rate. I'm still here.
Thanks for keeping up with me and my dusty blog.
Hoping to keep it cleaned up. Might even wax it soon.
Much love.

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