Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fantasy B-Ball Feedback

After a break of four years, I joined Fantasy Basketball once more with 9 other CEFC buddies and it was definitely worth the wait while it lasted. With less schoolwork pressure and more time to check the news, I dug my way back into the rigors of pro-basketball and went through the weekly roller coaster-like progress of the NBA. I made some decent moves early in the season and slowly took top spot...only to drop halfway down the ranks when nearly half of my team was injured. :-[ But a monster trade and a couple pickups helped me go back up the rankings. Unfortunately, a bad first round playoff match-up as well as injuries to my key players left a dud ending for my season. But that's life.

Below is a brief summary of some picks from my team:

Best Move: Adding Monta Ellis to the roster when he was starting in place of Baron Davis. BOO-YA!

Worst Move: Dropping Baron Davis. The injury-prone swingman only had a handful of absences this season, and I fell for it. I'll never hear the end of it from my boys.

Biggest Surprise: Al Jefferson. Became my personal double-double factory and kept my blocks in the game.

Biggest Bust: Mark Blount. Did well in the beginning, but became less aggressive to point where I can score more points than him in pickup basketball games (and that is not much either...)

Blockbuster Trade: Giving away Yao Ming and Chris Bosh for Andris Biedrins, Ricky Davis, and Michael Redd. Some thought it was fair, others thought it was stupid. Nevertheless, it did mixed things up and made life interesting for everyone!

Players to keep in mind next season: Kevin Garnett, Yao Ming/Chris Bosh, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Kobe Bryant (duh)

Despite an early exit, it was good to have a bunch of guys do something together, whip out the discussions each time we met, and joke around. Lots of fun for all. =) Now onto baseball!

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