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Youth Camp 2007

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Just got back yesterday from our annual Youth Camp (my third time!) up in Mile High Pines, and I probably should strike while the iron is hot with my thoughts on what now appears to be one of the most blessed weekends to experience every year.

  1. Although I wasn't granted the age group I preferred this year, God continued to ever amaze and fill my heart with wonder as I served as a counselor to the 7th and 8th graders. It was SO encouraging to hear the younger ones really take a stand to commit / re-commit their lives to Christ. The key thing now is how to help them progress forward in their walks with their hearts and minds evermore seeking out our God.

  2. Aside from the dancing workshop, the most successful annual activity for everyone is the Bible skit. Every small group performs a skit based on a different Bible passage that needs to incorporate two pre-selected items and the camp theme. This year, the items were a baseball bat and a plastic trash bag. Some of the topics included Jonah & the whale, Cain and Abel, Jesus tempted by Satan, and David and Bathsheba. My group had the second one, so it wasn't that hard. But for the last one...well, uhh...use your imagination?! =)

  3. The worship team from UCSD was really awesome (Go InterVarsity!). So good that I literally lost my voice halfway through the weekend while singing praises to God. I sounded like someone who can rip apart crate boxes just by talking to it.

  4. Games which come out of improvisation as well as creativity are sometimes the most rewarding. Especially when they can build the body, like "Black-&-White"...with pushups!!

  5. Aerobeds are the way to go. =) 'Nuff said.

Below is the song to go with the lessons learned at camp. Thanks for all your prayers and support, and I am already looking forward to what He can do between now and next year's camp. =)

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Kali Chung said...

Cool pics, Albert! Nice blog name too... ^_^ Continue to bless others! I know you're impacting lives...

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