Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Cheer

Every time December rolls around, I am so amazed how fast Christmas approaches us. Almost overnight, you see homes twinkling with colorful decorations as well as the streets coming alive with all sorts of lights. But this year for me, it actually started back in November, literally a couple days after the Thanksgiving holiday.

After our AOW performances in all three congregations, a group of us checked out the annual DWP Light Festival near the LA Zoo. It was a beautiful display of familiar holiday scenery as well as some famous landmarks through Christmas lights (descriptions won't do it justice, so check it out below).

Walking down that elegantly lit road with friends and just talking about what's been going on in and out of our ministries and what's to come for the last month of year, really hit it for me in starting the Christmas cheer. I guess it's the idea of living life together, especially in the light of Advent where we as Christians, go beyond all the wrappings and decorations to see Jesus Christ - the true heart of Christmas and all that we do.

Only 18 days left...go celebrate with family and friends. =)

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