Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flickr-ing through to Christmas...

So the recent shutting down of Sony Imagestation as well as the now-charging services of myDataBus has almost convinced me of the following formula:

Free service + Unlimited options = Too good to be true

Sooner or later, most storage sites out there will come with a price tag "to make ends meet". [Sigh]

On a more positive note, I found Flickr to be a great replacement for me to store and share my memories with family and friends. The wide variety of ways to present my photos (i.e. organizing sets, sorting options, online editing, etc) as well as the ability to download full-size originals (something Facebook has yet to do) makes it easy and flexible to use to my liking and for others to view (& save) for their likings. Check out the first couple collections I made of all my InterVarsity moments and this fall season's events thus far:


                           InterVarsity @ Cal                                Fall 2007

As for other things, I finally finished my Christmas shopping a couple days ago without much hassle and before the upcoming weekend rush. The last of my cards are being sent out tomorrow morning and there are just a few more presents to wrap. It will be my first Christmas Eve where I will be working (the 24th conveniently fell on weekends for the past couple years), but I actually don't mind it too much. I think part of it has to do with listening to a multitude of trendy Christmas music at work - from Jars of Clay to Mariah Carey's holiday classic, and others. It's put me in a joyful spirit and it's quite contagious. In addition to hanging with Berkeley floormates Luis, his wife, and Allen on a Monday evening dinner, I brought a Christmas tree over to Grace and Joyce's apartment last night. It was so much fun decorating it with them and watching their smiles shine as bright as the lights when they opened the gifts I gave them.

Only 5 more days left, and I am so excited for this holiday season. Somehow, I have a feeling this one will be different than other ones..=)

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aznushergurl07 said...

ahaha thanks youu soooo much albert! its the cutest prettiest xmas tree ever ;]

thanks for the capo and the cd! :D
i think it was my favorite gift.
how did i know that you were gonna bring us a xmas tree and give me a capo?? ahaha. im psychic like that. B] . or maybe i just know you THAT well. hahaa. i can predict your next move. :OO

happy holidays!!
arrggg school.

but then...

after that its RETREAT!! ;DD

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