Sunday, January 20, 2008

AOW Retreat

Last weekend, all 12 AOW cast members, along with Marvin and his family, took a retreat up to Big Bear for a nice getaway from the city and life in general. We initially planned out so many tasks to be done for our upcoming season, but God was gracious enough for this to be an actual time of rest, worship, prayer, and just to be. Needless to say, it was a fun and splendid experience.

Highlights of the fun weekend:

  • Hanging out together and playing improvisation games to loosen our

  • Snowball fights all around on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

  • Drafting together an AOW introduction or "preamble" we would do together as a group when we go on the road to other churches.

  • Team sketching on challenging sermon topics to flush out ideas for future skits.

God is good. =)


Grrrrrrebecca said...

yes it was AWESOME! bonding, games, FOOD! haha I can't wait till our next AOW MEETING on my 18th!

aznushergurl07 said...

HOLY CAMOLY of course God is good! :D
i feel so blessed to get to spend a getaway weekend with Aow <33. i love you guys to death, you guys never fail to make my day anyday. :]]

i feel like aow is such a god-sent and God-blessed ministry! :D

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