Monday, March 17, 2008

Fundraising Idea

I told the following story time after time to several people, and it never ceases to bring laughs. About a couple weeks ago, I figured that deciding whether or not to post this for two years was long enough. I still think it's funnier when told in person, but it's nice to have a joke written somewhere for reference-sake.

So here it is:

It was after a Youth Camp Planning Committee meeting a couple years ago. Our usual group of guys (who were serving as committee heads) were standing in the church hallway, going over the meeting. Stuff like T-shirt designs, publicity, and fundraising were some of the items discussed.

Then Charles, in his good humor, suggested, "we should have a poker tournament as a fundraiser."

The rest of us chuckled, all thinking of this ingenious idea. (Keep in mind, we started our poker small group about six months ago and just finished another night of Hold'em the previous evening.)

Aldous and I went along with it. "We'll need to use some of the camp money so we can play and hopefully get more."

More chuckles. Then came a thought:

"But what happens if we each go all in and lose?"

Silence. Good question.

Two seconds later, Shawn replies, "Youth Camp canceled."

ROFL. Hilarious.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

And a Happy 20th to my little sister. =)

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