Sunday, March 9, 2008

Airsoft Outing

There's nothing like a little male bonding over a few gunfights on a Saturday morning.

Yesterday, I went with 25 other guys to South El Monte for some airsoft action. It's similar to paintball except you're using plastic BBs (though much smaller) that can fly about 350 feet per second. After getting our equipment, we split the teams and went at each other for about 4 hours.

Somehow, there is something thrilling in playing such a physical game. Whether it be protecting a team member ("VIP") to reach the other side or being cornered with a few comrades (or by yourself) as the opposing team closes in. It's like living out your favorite action-thriller as the hero (or villain, whatever you see yourself most). And I loved every minute of it.

Cheng & Zhi CTU

Albert shooting Aldous

Can't wait until May 31st for our next outing (pistols only). Any takers? =P


Anonymous said...

hey um albert?! whatcha doing to aldous? =P


Albert said...

Just having a little fun. And he seems to be having fun too. =P

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