Saturday, May 31, 2008


For the second time in almost a year, I went to a soccer game. For most of the last 11 months, I'm usually tied to either basketball or college football. Believe me, I would LOVE to get tickets for a Laker game and watch my boys in purple/gold take the rest of the NBA to school. And when time permits, throw in a college game too (especially if my Bears are playing). Even recently, I've learned to appreciate baseball (even though I still relate it to watching grass grow).

I'll admit that soccer isn't exactly a sport (yet) I would jump up and buy season passes to attend. BUT when it's your friend's favorite sport and it's his birthday (and he's paying for it), then it's nice to stretch out your legs and enjoy the sport for what it is. =P

Ricky, Hannah, Albert, Garth
Rick, Hannah, me, Garth (the birthday boy who bought our tickets)

Here are the highlights from that nights' game. Don't miss D.B.'s 70+ yard goal. =D

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