Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's the THRILLER...

Despite only 4 hours of sleep after a long work week, I woke up yesterday feeling really good about myself. Not only was it a beautiful morning, but I got to spend it going airsofting with the guys.

Jason got me into it about two months ago. A group plays almost every month @ an airsoft playground in El Monte. I started to go mainly because, it just seemed like the man-ly thing to do with other brothers.

Ever since I started watching "24", I've always wondered to be in Jack Bauer's shoes. I would get all into it when Jack would pull out his gun and fight his way through LA to stop terrorists and save peoples' lives against all odds. Every Monday night for five months, I would enjoy being at the edge of my friends' couch watching the action unfold - all in 24 hours time.

So when I woke up Saturday, I was very excited because I get to experience a glimmer of my favorite TV show...even if it is shooting BBs. And instead of terrorists, it's with a group of guys who also thirst for that sense of adventure and thrills.

Mr. Yun-Fat Mr. Smith
Rambo Neo

Apart from our usual team face-offs, we tried some new things. One gameplay was if we got hit, we had to act like we were actually shot (instead of raising your gun and walking out). This is where we ended up going for style points. Another gameplay was if we got hit, we returned as zombies and go hunt for anyone else alive. Last man standing had to find the exit to escape.

Target destroyed Mike & Ricky got cornered
Zombies after Rick
Dead Danny Albert making sure Jason is dead

The rest of the shootouts can be found here, and the videos are on my Facebook. =D

Aiming @ YOU (b&w)

It's true: boys will always be boys.


mrtsax said...

yeah you wanna-be jack :P i always see you imaging/pretending you're holding a handgun :0)

Albert said...

Dude, I AM Jack. =D

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