Monday, July 28, 2008

A Different Kind of Reunion....

This past weekend was a reunion unlike any other I've attended:

Tying the tie using iPhone
Annie (b&w) Nate, Joyce
Eric Mike & Heather Wedding (cup)cake

What a wonderful ride it has been with both of them.

I've tackled engineering classes with him.
I've grown in the same small group with her.
I've learned what it means to be myself and have fun from him.
I've learned kindness from her. (and to smile!)
I've enjoyed out-of-town trips with them.
I've shared space to lead, create, engage, and worship with them.
I've saw another dimension of God's love through them.

I can only hope that the good times may continue with them as one.

Married Friends (b&w)

Many of God's blessings for you both and a long fulfilling future ahead.


Berky said...

how'd you make that 2nd to last pic b/w and color?

Albert said...

Used the "Focal Black & White" function in Picassa. =)

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