Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Commissioned

What are some of the good things that happen in small groups? Describe your best small group experience.

We were asked this in Sunday School today, and I could only think of one.

In my final semester during the spring of 2005 at Cal, God has blessed me with a small group that was committed to loving others and each other. Our Junior Class Group was split into three separate, smaller groups, and I was placed among Wayne Hu, Mike Downey, Wendy Lu, Sharon Lee, and Elaine Lo. I was excited yet a bit apprehensive since we barely knew one another and one was to think about where God was going to take six strangers to do His accomplish His will.

God blew us all away with His blessings. Slowly but steadily, we opened up and found fellowship with one another. Through each of us, God taught a different dimension of His unfailing love for us. In doing so, we wanted bless others with that love, which is why we called ourselves The Commissioned - we went out and let God use us our gifts to bless others. And through it all, we ended up loving this family we were in. Even to this day, we actually stuck to what we called ourselves and did what God wanted us to do. Wayne is on IV staff @ Berkeley. Wendy is still teaching Sunday School at her church. Mike, Sharon, and Elaine each led a Senior small group, and are now taking part in witnessing to fellow engineers, continuing fellowship, and joining the Peace Corps, respectively. For myself, I am serving in Koinonia Young Adult Fellowship and other ministries @ my home church of CEFC with a passion I would never have imagined.

It's only been a little over a year and I still miss them. Thank you Jesus for Mike, Wayne, Sharon, Wendy, and Elaine. This experience was one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me.

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