Monday, September 29, 2008

Dodgers, Joint Fellowship, Music Builds Tour

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On Thursday night, I took some of the guys out to the last Dodgers game of the regular season.  Our boys-in-blue clinched the National League (NL) West Championship after a four-year drought, so this last home game was quite special...

Free tickets.  (hookup from 76 - yes, the gas station)
Free shirts.  (last game of season)
Free Dodger dogs.  (scalpers who needed extra tickets =P ).

We left early when our team began slacking, only to find out the stadium began spraying the crowd w/ champagne after our meaningless loss.  Ah, gosh darn it.

Free shirt! Group #1

On Friday night, there was a CtC Joint Fellowship Night, where another church youth fellowship joined ours for a night of worship and fellowship. The most interesting thing that happened when everyone was divided up and I was left to lead a small group of 23. Woah, I know.  But I broke down the groups and everyone had something cool to share about having Jesus in their lives.  I left encouraged and praising GOD for this fruitful night.

Finale! =)

On Saturday, I went w/ several friends to catch the Music Builds Tour in San Diego.  It was nothing short of spectacular to see rock bands like Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Switchfoot, and Third Day come together for causes bigger than themselves and to offer perspective with the awesome music they share.  It's all butter to my ears.

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Jules said...

It saddens me that i couldn't go. sigh. I generally go to every Jars concert, and this one has both Switchfoot and Third Day! sigh.

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