Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Double Trouble

I came home from San Diego this past weekend to some not-so-good news.

1. The passing of Steve Irwin. I don't watch his shows that often, but whenever I hit the Animal Planet channel, I always look forward to watching him pick up and/or tackle almost any living thing out there so curious animal lovers (like myself) may gain a better understanding of the non-humans around us. I was left in disbelief upon hearing his passing by a fatal pierce from the barb of a stingray. God can give and take life away that quickly by something that is "a million-to-one" incident. Rest in peace, Crocodile Hunter. are awesome.

2. The No. 9 California Bears lost their first game to Tennessee Volunteers. Ouch, since we were slated to put some serious pressure on the Pac 10 this year. But the season isn't over yet! =)

However, I did catch some playful flak from the boys while going bowling yesterday. Here are just a few pot-shots that added salt to the wound:

  • [Seeing everyone else wearing their school shirts except me.]
    "Man, I should have wore my Berkeley shirt today."

    "Why? Only winners get to wear their shirts and play today."

  • [I just missed a spare by bowling between a split]

    "Hey, that's better than what your team could do!"

  • "Dude, you gotta get William Hung off the team!"

Oh the pain. But towards the end of the night, I threw back the humble pie when I bowled my all-time high score of 180. HA!

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