Monday, September 10, 2007


After small group / fellowship on Friday nights, my boys and I would usually head out to chill from the week, usually through cafe hangouts, playing some friendly poker, or just hard-core video gaming. But recently, my buddy Zhi got a ping pong table and we started adding that to our night's activities. I used to play a bit many years ago (think last century), and it was refreshing to shake some dust off those table tennis reflexes. I'm starting to play more often and even began switching it up with Tuesday bowling night.

When I came home on Saturday morning from the previous night, I had this conversation with my Dad:

Dad: So did you guys play poker last night?

Me: Nope. We actually played some ping pong @ Zhi's.

Dad: Really? Did you have fun?

Me: Oh YEAH! It was a lot of fun. Guess I haven't forgotten some of what you and Mom taught me. [pause] Are you still pretty good?

Dad: [chuckles] I can still beat you, Albert.

So after my PE exam in October, expect a match-up of the century. =)

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Victor said...

You guys could be the real-life Balls of Fury crew!

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