Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So Long, School

It finally hit me today (of all days): the end of school.

Around this time of the year, I would be walking into a classroom, greeting friends around me, and taking a seat behind a desk. Without missing a beat, I would whip out a pencil and a notebook from my messenger bag, and be ready to engage the lecture before me. It was an everyday routine to follow - only now it is neither everyday nor a routine in my life anymore.

It really feels freeing yet somehow unsettling. While I appreciate the open evenings and no ties to any homework (woohoo!), I can't help but remember the simplicity of it all - having less responsibilities and more opportunities at your fingertips to learn anything you want. I guess after being in school for most of my life (so far), I realize that such an experience does grow on you. And when it's finally over, you are still left with that wonder on how those years made that difference in your life.

Praise God for those 18 years in school (fall, winter, and through most summers too!). It's a time I will cherish for the long hall.

"May our dreams always be bigger than our memories." ~ S.W.

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