Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaping forward, looking back

It's been a crazy two months. Time moving so quickly. I leveled up at work to take on more responsibilities - including a pupil to train. The second half of Eureka is kicking off with new small groups. Friendships and other relationships are making their way into both the "-days" and "-ends" of my weeks. Interests to pursue are filling my leisure times (vocal lessons, working with a new bass guitar, running). Life is, at first glance, busy and non-stop.

But it's all good. I'm actually relaxed. Content. No, seriously.

I think part of it is seeing the grace that's around you. Sometimes, I need to remind myself this truth: I live in a home with a loving, supportive family and food to eat, and having awesome friends/communities of agape, and a good Dad who sees it all. I have been granted so many gifts and opportunities - most of which I don't deserve.

It's about having patience. I'll be first to admit it's not cake. But I think when the going gets tough, you have to endure and take things as they come. For me, that's time for myself in learning from mistakes (sometimes stupidly repeated). That's waiting for people to come around to you for who you are. That's trusting in Dad's perfect timing for everything.

I've come to realize how important it is to have balance - to make tweaks on some things and big turnarounds on others. And to somehow balance maintaining that balance (imagine that).

All this to say that things are going well. Looking forward to next adventures on this journey, and hope you would still stick with me to see it.

Happy Leap Year!

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Victor said...

It sounds like God is really working in your life . . . and continuing the good work He's already begun in you.

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