Saturday, August 5, 2006

Weak, but Strong

Koinonia was slated tonight to serve AWANA, our church's children's ministry. Originally, we were under the impression that there was a program already set-up for the kids and we were there to keep them company. However, there was a miscommunication that caught us off-guard and we were left to lead the night by ourselves. It was a bit nerve-racking, with some volunteering young adults a bit apprehensive. What were we going to do?

But God came and saved the night with ideas, improvisation, and most of all, the right group of personalities to pull it off. It was quite challenging with the little ones, but we got it together to make an energetic, fun-filled night. They even thanked us in the end for hanging with them, and the guys topped it off with a celebration @ Norm's.

Sometimes, it takes for us to be at our weakest to see God at His strongest.

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