Wednesday, July 26, 2006

For the Singles...

After checking through friends' blogs, I found some good reads for the single Christian ladies and gentlemen.

Bottom line for the guys: "The women in [your] life aren't looking for perfection. They are watching for consistent kindness, unflinching respect and honest [you] cultivate these characteristics, women will notice. And [you] may realize they're not looking for J. Crew Jesus after all — they're looking for Jesus in [you]."

Bottom line for the girls: "
The good guys are out there, and they're looking for you, hoping that when they find you they've found someone who is pursuing an authentic, adventuresome faith, who supports more than she criticizes, and whose priorities are rightly balanced. Concentrate on that picture, and guys — the kind you want — will find it hard to look away."

Bottom line for everybody: It is not as important to find the right person as it is to be the right person. Most of all, be joyful and delight in the Lord!

Keep in the faith, my fellow saints.

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