Sunday, July 9, 2006

Youth Camp 2006

I guess I should update regarding this before it becomes it gets too late. Like Jay, that July 4th weekend was one of the blessed weekends ever.
  1. God moved one in my small group to accept Christ. After our speaker Kyle gave the his sermon and made an alter call Monday night, I saw over half the youth rise together and come to the front of the room to be prayed for, all holding each other, some even crying. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my life. Caleb, Leo, and Adam rededicated their lives to Christ and Derek accepted Him for the first time. HALLELUJAH, BABY!!!

  2. After doubling as both a counselor and a staff this year, I think I like being a counselor more. You are able to attend to the youth's needs, help them through your own experience, and pray for them. With society becoming even more driven for success and thus adding pressure to the teens, I think it is even more important now that they realize we are there for them and even if we are not, God will never forsake them.

  3. I had an unexpectedly good workout from the weekend. When it came to card games, we would bet pushups and the youth really knew their stuff; not just in Big 2, but Hold'em as well. Who teaches them this stuff so early???

  4. I never thought I could actually double as a nurse and a plummer. Ask me later what I mean. ;-)

All in all, a successful retreat was had by all. I love these guys.

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