Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Athenaeum Wedding

Aunt Janice and Uncle Wayne finally tied the knot (~10 years!) with a wedding reception this past Saturday at none other than my uncle's alma mater - Caltech (ooooh...)

The food and atmosphere alike were delicious and welcoming to us. It felt kind of cool walking down the sane corridors as previous geniuses like Einstein did, and the architecture definitely gave off the "history of intelligence" vibe to it.

It was enjoyable to be able to see most of the Lew clan together, and I joked to a few that all I need to do is to get married to set a gathering (the other alternative would be a funeral, but let's try to be positive, shall we? =) ). The best part of the reception was seeing the older folk hit the dance floor and rockin' to the 80s and 90s beats. Yes, years have past, but some still got it in them!

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jason chou said...

hey albert. i totally forgot you're in la area. let's meet up and chill sometime. i dun have your number anymore so send me your contact info at take cares!

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