Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Fresh Start

Actually, this is more of a continuation of my former blog, with more of my thoughts, ramblings and other things going in and around the life God has given me. Still testing and modifying this blog as I am using it, so please bear with the changes.

Our family threw the traditional July 4th BBQ for the relatives, but I was quite tired from Youth Camp (I got back from the 5-day retreat this evening) and stressed for my summer school final tomorrow. Beforehand, I asked fellow counselors and friends to pray for me in this tight situation as camp was coming to a close, but I was admittedly nervous in how He would answer. I wearily studied with conversations, cooking, and fireworks in the background, pondering on the double hit I took with missing the night's festivities and failing the upcoming exam. Just as I was passing out from studying Fourier Transforms, my professor e-mailed me that tomorrow night's exam time could not work for him and Friday morning (my day off) would have to suffice. I jumped up in relief and happiness, and joined the others outside to catch a glimpse of the rest of the fireworks display.

Never doubt the power of God. He always answers prayers. =)


Jay said...

Awesome to here that Albert. Let's hang once you're done!

mrtsax said...

sweet, now you better get an A+ instead of an 'A' with the extra time ;)

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