Monday, December 25, 2006

2006 In Review

Departing from LAX in a few hours! I'm not sure if I will have Internet access while I'm at St. Louis so I suppose it would be good to post my end-of-the year entry now. I like how Jen used the idea of a photo book to share her stay in London for the last 8 months, and I thought I can share this year through my eyes in similar fashion.

I know...I realize that a lot of the notable moments took place @ Cal or with friends from Cal. But it's revitalizing when you're with people who walked with you in Christ. =)


(L) Woke up at 5:15am to watch the Rose Parade in Pasadena with Annie, Hannah, and her friend. The marching band had a tough day to say the least. (R) Had an unexpected reunion with family and friends at my second cousin Tim and Ruth's wedding. (B) Participated in my first broomball experience with Koinonia (over 30+ people!). SO much FUN.


(L) Koinonia had our service project for Teen Challenge. Girls were tidying the front while guys were tearing the junk in the back. Woohoo! (R) Took a tour around the Port of Los Angeles / Long Beach with my port engineering class. I really disliked the subject but at least I got an A! =) (B) Living up a day of spring break with fellow IV '06 friends in LA during their road trip through the country.


(L) Fellowshipping, growing, and bonding with my small group, Band of Brothers, over the past months. (R) Watch my sister walk across the stage and prepare to dive into college life. (B) Flew up to Cal to take part in IV's Senior Large Group by the Class of 2006.


(L) Celebrated my aunt's marriage @ Caltech. After many years (think back to when I counted Pluto as a planet), our family shot our first formal portrait. (R) Took a weekend fling to Sin City with the homeboys for some poker, sushi, and chilling in the pool. (B) Served on staff and as a counselor for our church's annual Youth Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. One of the most blessed weekends of the year.


(L) Reunited with The Commissioned to catch-up and hang with other Cal buddies. (R) Participated in our church's Summer Retreat in UCSD for an inspiring message. (B) Going off to the crystal beaches of Santa Cruz for a weekend retreat with 25+ people from the IV Class of 2005 (my graduating class).


(L) Deciding out of a spur-of-the-moment to road trip and The Big Game in person . Rushing the field after victory was icing on the cake. (R) Participated in a crazy scavenger hunt with AOW for our Christmas party. (B) Flying out to Urbana 2006 to close out the year. I know it's gonna be awesome and God is going to reveal His greatness to us. I hope to get a glimpse of where He wants me to be in His plan.

Looking back on 2006, I realize how humbling of a year it has been. Not just in faults and failures (and I had my fair share of them), but in how God can take visions, refine them, and grow us in the process. And the amazing thing is that God love His people even more than visions and works for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). I hope I can take the lessons learned this past year and make 2007 even more glorious for God.

Take care everyone and Happy New Year!!!

"BEGIN: Each new day is the masterpiece of God" - Anonymous

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