Sunday, December 3, 2006

Big Game 2006

Half planned, half-spur-of-the-moment, Theresa (a fellow Cal CE) and I took a road trip up to San Francisco and Berkeley this past weekend to see THE BIG GAME!! =) It was kinda rushed and sort of crazy (5-6 hour drive one-way), but the annual rivalry sport made it all worth it. Big props and thanks to Theresa and her great connections (tickets @ the 20th row!) as well as her parents for letting us stay at their place for the short weekend. =)

Everyone was expecting a blow-out victory for Cal this year, making me doubt how much fun it can really be (let's face it - 42-0 is no fun to watch). But the Cardinals definitely gave a respectable performance and a "bear of a fight" to the finish. All emotions spilled over in the end, and I joined the crowd in rushing the field (my third time!) after our hard-fought victory. As the 4th quarter clock ticked to zero, I took off to the center of Memorial Stadium: leaping over railings, dodging slower fans, and pumping my fist in the air - all while yelling to the top of my lungs and high-fiveing as many fans along my way. And all of this with the same fervor as four years ago when I was a freshman at my first Big Game where Coach Tedford ended our losing streak to Stanford. Well, everything except for taking down our own goal posts and carrying them out of the stadium into streets...[sigh]...robbed of opportunities once more...=) Nonetheless, what a great way to end a largely successful football season!

Something I found online that I had to post as an ending to a hugely fun weekend:

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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