Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Sports Night

A couple days into the work week and I could already feel sorry for myself. As I pulled into my home about 10 1/2 hours after leaving it this morning, I needed a boost. A power-up. Just something. I knew there has got to be more to this life. After dinner, my friend Aldous called me up and suggested that we forgo our usual bowling night out @ ABC out and "mix it up a bit". Sure, I shrugged. Why not?

That little bit of mix up was an understatement.

In addition to going bowling elsewhere with less distractions, we teamed up for some doubles action in the tennis courts, taking on some "experts". When we were finished with them, we made off to the diamond and played some good ol' fashion baseball, and improved the timing of our batting to make some home runs. Golf came next, and despite some frustrating times, we were able to work on our swings and practice getting the ball onto the green. And heck, we even threw in a little boxing too!! (thankfully, no one was really hurt either... =) )

What a crazy night of fun and all of this within about 4 hours time! My thanks to Aldous for making the initiative and providing the equipment to do it.


Jimmy said...

There.. ocmment.. happy? :-P

Anonymous said...

aw thanks albert :) !!! hope you're having a great decemberrr. who knew i'd join you in the working world so soon??? God is good :D

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