Friday, December 22, 2006

Card War


I just finished writing and sending out my Christmas cards for this year. The big dilemma I face every year is choosing between the traditional cards and the E-cards to send to others. So I compiled a short list to compare the two mediums.

Traditional Cards

  • Postage costs and sometimes time-sensitive
  • Thoughtful impact to the receiver
  • Creativity flexibility (perhaps your own craft!)
  • Can be kept and stored for years to come
  • Need address, not e-mail


  • FREE
  • Easily customizable
  • Animated templates (some w/ song and dance too)
  • Sender can control send-out time and date
  • Need e-mail, not address

I try hard to send traditional cards out to loved ones and friends. When Christmas Day closes within 4-5 days, I resort to e-cards and phone calls.

But regardless of the materials used, when I speak to them of my life updates and the glories of Christmas, I try to write as if I am reaching through that card and giving them a touch - a handshake, a hug. I let them know that they have friends and are loved not only by me, but by our God in heaven, who demonstrated His own love by sending His son to us this holiday season. It is this amazing love that I hope they can take away and live to enjoy for this Christmas. =)

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