Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chris Tomlin - "See the Morning"

I attended my first Christian concert tonight and I really had a good time. I carpooled with Jesse and Tammy and we made some pretty good catch-up whilst going through the crowded Sunday LA traffic to Gibson Amphitheater in Universal Citywalk (yeah...I didn't know they had one there), meeting with several others from our church. An up-and-coming Christian rock band called Trading Yesterday opened the evening with songs of personal reflection that had an Evanescence-edge to it (not surprising, since a former band member started the aforementioned group). Soon afterwards, Chris Tomlin came onto stage and led the thousands of people into worship with some of his songs. I was a bit apprehensive at first due to the possibility of the fine line between worshiping and performing becoming blurred. However, Tomlin and his band really made it clear through the introduction and explanation of his songs through Scripture that this time was all for the One and Only above us. Kudos to CT for turning the place and its audience to be "made to worship".

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