Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Where a Kid Can Be A...Adult?"

I just had the best lunch break of my current tenure at the City of LA. =)
Rita, one of our co-workers, is transferring to another division and like anyone who is leaving, our division was thinking of the usual lunch at a fancy restaurant filled with farewell speeches and other sappy and repetitive talk. However, she decided to break the norm and send us back to our roots of good times: CHUCK E' CHEESE!!!! Pizza, soda, and about $5 worth of tokens pretty much gave everyone the time of their lives. It was a sight to see: senior engineers making the highest basketball scores, technicians rolling ski balls, and other engineers shootin' it up w/ arcade guns like they were cowboys (or had a bone to pick with office life...). Everyone came back to the office in the happiest mood I have seen.

Place to go when I transfer: Dave & Busters

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