Tuesday, October 3, 2006

No Comment (?)

I know people read my blog, but how come no one leaves any comments? [sigh]

If I may indulge in a friend's analogy: "it's like going into an asian person's house and not taking off your shoes." Come into my house...leave a comment. It'll take less than 18.2 seconds of your time....and make me feel a bit more encouraged in writing my thoughts.

Or you can be disrespectful and not take off your shoes...foo.


mrtsax said...

sorry got fungus on my foot...dont wanna dirty your house :P

Anonymous said...

that's my favorite guy for u albert! =P

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert,

I got a little bit bored today (10/16/06) so I skimmed over your blog. It's good to be encouraged by how you're doing.

Take Care,


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