Saturday, October 7, 2006

A Phone Call / E-mail Away

Something I realized this past week is that despite the long distance and difference of schedules my friends have apart from me, community is very possible through phone calls and e-mail. On Wednesday, I was IMed by a friend from New York City who was my floormate during summer school three years ago, and we ended up talking over the phone for an hour about our lives between then and now. I was so happy to find that he accepted Christ this past year! The next day, I chatted a bit with a fellow IVer in SoCal during a class break and really looking forward to some dim-sum for a common friend's birthday next week. I got home that evening and had a good conversation with another IV friend up north who is pursuing a job with Google as well as finding God and community in the midst of post-college life. We shared prayer requests and our hopes for her acceptance into her new career path.

While I do agree that local community is important and should take priority, it is also good to keep an open mind for the people God put in our earlier lives to make us who we are today. All it takes is initiative and a patient, selfless attitude to friends together. The lines of communication is definitely something to be thankful for thes days.

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