Saturday, November 18, 2006

22 for 2006

In turning the big 22 today, I opted out of a party or gathering and instead went for a more modest, sports-oriented birthday than my previous ones. My sister came home yesterday so the whole immediate family could go get a good sushi dinner and talk old times. It felt good to be around those who will never stop loving you. =) Later that night, I shared a birthday cake with my small group members, and poker with XBox 360 gaming went into the night.
Despite a late play, I went with about 8 CEFC friends to play softball at Barnes Park. I haven't batted since elementary school, and it felt really refreshing to know that after many years of absence, I am actually decent at the home plate. =) Afterwards, Mike and Jason introduced me to Clearman's Galley a.k.a. "The Boat" for some delicious sandwiches and cheese bread. Now I can see why some of the guys love this place: walking into the kitchen to order (and watch) their food, sports on big-screen TVs spread about the bench-tabled area, and fast, friendly service. I gotta go back here soon to watch some Laker games! But all these things didn't match for a special birthday gift later that day.

I didn't think I would get to see the long-anticipated Cal-USC game due to the chaos over tickets, but my discipler Marvin was so gracious to let me go with him to watch it at the Colliseum. He is an awesome man of God and I really feel blessed to be in partnership with him in the Holy Spirit. I was surprised to see a lot of Cal fans present to support the Bears and I even had a run-in with my former floormates in the middle of the campus. Although it didn't exactly go the way I wanted it, I still had a lot of fun and as a student from both schools, I felt I won either way. =) I stayed for the USC marching band's post-game performance, and then went home to wake my mom and sister up so we can break open some champagne they bought from France just for today, alluding to last year.

Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday through e-mails, Facebook wall postings, and/or phone calls! Here is a toast to you!

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hannah said...

heh. sorry, I'm late, but happy birthday! Good memories of your 21st. Has it been a year already?! =)

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