Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veterans Day Weekend

It was a fun weekend of R&R for these last four days at home.

  • Went to the LA Food Bank on Friday morning with Daryl, Owen, George, Carmen, and Chao to help sort through the donated food products and make sure fresh products were packaged and contaminated ones were disposed. Though it was hard work, I found this act of serving to be a welcoming change, reminding us that not all of God's people in need are inside the church's walls.

  • Took to hanging out with church friends. We even tried turning our poker game this week to look like those on TV, by taping our cards and everyone's expressions upon playing. =) Small group, although quite tiny this week, was God-glorifying with sharing and praying for one another's hearts. In addition, I finally met up with my disciple. He is such a bright young man and I am really looking forward to walking with him this coming year.

  • Made my AOW performance debut in Agape Youth Service today. I was playing a mean father who wants to apologize to his son for a mistake, but ends up demanding forgiveness for himself, and not caring about a drop of sincerity. Pretty intense, huh? I think our group (everyone performed!) did pretty well on our first outing of the season, and I felt encouraged by my awesome cast members and other youth who complimented my portrayal. =) But most of all, I'm glad that we helped add flavor and application to Pastor Rich's sermon today. I'm really excited to see where God will take the team as the next year rolls on.


Anonymous said...

how come you don't use xanga anymore??

This is Jen btw.

Albert said...

Hey Jen!

I wanted to try something different for a change. After a few entries with Blogger, I really began to like it more because of its simplicity and the freedom it gives to users to do practically anything (unlike Xanga, where you need to follow a particular format or sign in to comment). The only disadvantage is the lack of a subscription system, though there is RSS that I'm still trying to figure out.

Don't worry...I'll pop my head into Xanga one day, like when I get a girlfriend or something significant like that...=)

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