Monday, November 6, 2006

Now and Then much for a "soon" update. But finally have some time to write my blurb for my 4th post-college visit to Cal. (is there something wrong if your weekends are just as busy or busier than the weekdays?)

Like my previous visits, it was soooo GOOD getting to catch-up with friends, and bask in the beautiful campus scenery of Berkeley. While several meet-ups were planned, there were quite a few moments where I would be strolling through campus and I would be blessed to run into an old floormate or classmate who I haven't spoken to in the longest time. I guess that means I'm still young enough...? =)

A few more highlights worth hitting on:

  • Having early morning coffee with Carol from IV. I love her heart for developing leadership in the Body of Christ.
  • Meeting with Christina from CEFC and chatting about college experiences and church times.
  • Eating dinner and sharing with The Commissioned. Time really seemed to have stopped over those couple hours of fellowship.
  • Celebrating THREE birthdays that weekend that included a Halloween costume party, a surprise 21-candle burning cake, and playing games with other IV folk.
  • Crashing at Nathan and Matt's comfortable and equipped bachelor pad.
  • Eating the good food from Cal's unique restaurants along the south side.
As much of a good time I had that weekend, there were some instances when I was asking myself, "What am I doing here? Why am I here?" Not much seemed to have changed during my past visits. Yet this time, it seems everything has somehow changed, and I began to realize that there is not a whole lot left for me in Berkeley now. New generations of bright students enter this college everyday, eager to learn, be challenged, and do many great things. It feels like it's my time to let them have theirs. I still love the learning, relationships and atmosphere the university brought me for the three years I attended, and I will certainly miss it. As it is very much like earth, it's just another special place to pass through to reach where God is calling me to go. And thankfully, all the memories of the people and places along the way are here to stay for the long haul.

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