Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wow...I'm glad we have dishwashers these days. =)

For our traditional thanksgiving dinner in Glendale with the family, my aunt read how our holiday was officially announced by Lincoln in his Thanksgiving Proclamation. Indeed, there is always something to be learned in an annual celebration. =)

In addition to family, friends, good health, and fortunes for this year, I'm mostly thankful for just who God is: my Savior, my guide, and friend whose unfailing love, grace, and mercy wants me to reflect the same for others and built me. While it's still imperfect, there is so much goodness from His promise that I want to "stand up, shout out, sing 'Hallelujah!'", knowing there is always hope from the cross.

God is great. =) Thanks Lord.

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