Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bond Is Back!!

What a comeback! The reboot of the long-running British spy series makes for pleasantly fun entertainment, taking our globe-trotting secret agent back to his early years as a double-0. Daniel Craig makes his first mark as James Bond, giving an intense, reckless edge to 007 that audiences have waited to see since veteran Sean Connery debuted the character. Goldeneye director Martin Campbell returns nearly a decade later to revive the franchise, again focusing more on the boy than on his toys. Add a few well-casted supporting roles (Eva Green does a fine job on her Bond girl outing, along with the ever-faithful Judi Dench as M), a script polisher (Paul Haggis of Crash), and some non-CGI action sequences, and what you have is an awesome action-adventure that will keep your heart pounding and mind guessing to the end. For those of you Texas Hold'em players, this film is sure to find a place in your heart. Of course, producers have opened the doors for future outings, but with Craig in the lead, we can gladly toast with our vodka martinis - shaken, not stirred. =)

Bottom Line: All in for Bond.

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